The storm displaced around 2 million people, most of whom returned to their places of origin and started sponta-neous or assisted recovery within a week. Unlike the Cat-4 cyclone Sidr of 2007, Aila is a Cat-1 cyclonic storm and hunted less 2017). 23 dead, 1 lakh affected as Cyclone Aila hits Bengal. It affected around 9.3 million people, flattened houses and trees, destroyed crops, and wreaked widespread damage to infrastructure as well as communications and transport systems. Compared to the devastating cyclone Sidr that hit Bangladesh in 2007, Aila may not be leaving huge death toll, but the aftermath of the cyclone is z Loss of livelihood or a severe blow on the livelihood z The impact of Cyclone Aila on the livelihood of the people of Sundarbans has been critical in determining outcomes and coping strategies people employ to sustain in such testing times. The cyclone Aila hit the southern coastline of Bangladesh hard in the month of May this year and the hardcore poor are the worst victims. Cyclone Aila Final report Emergency appeal n° MDRBD004 GLIDE n° TC-2007-000208-BGD 30 June 2010 Period covered by this Final Report: 25June 2009 to 28 March 2010 Appeal target: Initially CHF 2,355,249 (USD 1,101,770 or EUR 783,640) in cash, kind, or services Around 3,928,238 people and 948,621 households were affected by Cyclone Aila . Aila whereas the right being urrent.) 2011), struck the southwest coast of Bangladesh on 25 May 2009. 23 dead, 1 lakh affected as Cyclone Aila hits Bengal; This story is from May 25, 2009. ..... 14 The document is prepared by AIDMI to support the research study on Reverse Engineering: Case of Aila cyclone (2009) under the project on Getting Climate Smart for Disasters in partnership with ICSD It formed in the northern Indian Ocean, about 350 km offshore and became a severe cyclonic storm within four days. Cyclone Aila, which induced a storm surge that varied from two to four meters high (IFNet 2009; Mallick et al. Critically, Aila destroyed more than 700 km of coastal embankments. Cyclone Aila, a category-1 cyclonic storm, was the second tropical cyclone hit in 11 southwestern coastal districts in Bangladesh on 21 May 2009. Cyclone Aila's 60-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rain have uprooted trees, damaged homes, and caused massive flooding in Bangladesh's low-lying southern delta region. Cyclone Aila was probably one of the most devastating disasters in the history of Sundarbans till date. The devastating cyclone Aila struck the southwestern coastal region of Bangladesh and eastern coast of the neighboring West Bengal province of India on the mid-day of 25 May 2009. Cyclone Aila struck the south west of Bangla-desh and neighbouring districts of India. 1) similar to a Category 1 cyclone as per the Saffir-Simpson scale (Sadik et al. It was a severe cyclone with an intensity (Fig. PTI / May 25, 2009, 22:38 IST. from cyclone Aila in Bangladesh. Tropical Cyclone Summary; Tropical Cyclone Aila: Cyclogenesis Date 05/24: Cyclolysis Date 05/25: Highest Saffir-Simpson Category TS: Maximum 6-hr Sustained Wind 75 mph (65 kt or 120 km/h) Min Pressure 968 mbar: Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE*) Index (kt 2) 1.8850 x 10 4: Landfall Information (date, location and sustained winds) “Cyclone Aila struck the coastal belt of Bangladesh on 25 May, 2009. After five months, over
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