The prices are based on a retaining wall 50m long. Raised flower beds, planters, retaining walls, ponds—build it with WoodBlocX WoodBlocX is a unique, patented, product creating almost any structure you would want in a garden: raised beds , planters , retaining walls , ponds , edging , seats and more . Concrete panels or the L shape retaining walls are often used for the perimeter walls, with temporary dividing walls being constructed using freestanding walls or concrete lego blocks. Find a Contractor Learn more... Allan Block retaining walls tall or short, curves or corners. Geogrid Reinforcement Secura is a mortarless retaining wall, engineered for simple and efficient on-site construction, reducing the need for wet trades or specialist plant. Precast Concrete Retaining Walls. Small Wall Construction Colinwell works with their strategic partner, Allan Block, the world leader in segmental retaining wall block technology, to manufacture the Allan Block collection. All Rights Reserved. These blocks dry-stack without mortar or footings. Marshalls CPM is the exclusive manufacturer of Redi-Rock™ retaining walls within mainland UK, including England, Scotland, and Wales. There are many types of reinforced soil retaining walls. It should be at least 215mm thick and bonded or made of two separate brick skins tied together. Our commercial and residential segmental walls are durable and easy to install, making them a great choice for any project. Internal Compound Stability The interlocking design increases the retaining capacity and stability of the built wall and ensures easy alignment and construction during the build process. How to Build a Raised Patio Industrial retaining walls; Decorative garden walls; Garden wall ideas U.K; Curved garden walls & steps; Hollow concrete blocks for garden walls; Garden wall building guides. Keystone is a system of modular retaining wall units that are manufactured from high strength, durable concrete which are laid dry and can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges. The lower weight of geofoam allows construction workers to easily construct segmental retaining walls in a quick and efficient manner. Basic Installation Steps Case Studies There are many things that need to go into building a retaining wall before the first shovel of dirt is ever moved. INTERLOCKING RETAINING WALL BLOCK UK for GARDEN LANDSCAPING & SOIL EROSION CONTROL. Builder's Example; Garden wall - terraced; Garden wall - single row; Garden wall building videos A WoodBlocX™ retaining wall can be expected to last for at least 15 years and can be built up to 1 meter high in a single span and many structures have been built higher using terraces. Secura is a retaining wall range which provides an effective solution for any type of application. Identify & download the drawings you require for your retaining wall project. Blocks are easily moved allowing both permanent and temporary walls to be built. Incidental water moves easily through a vertical drain that is formed by the layer of wall rock placed behind the block and in the block cores. Geotechnical engineers design them as the soil type is important. AB Walls Design Software So you wanna build a retaining wall? Delivery & Collection throughout the UK 24/7. With so many retaining wall systems on offer, we wanted to share some of our knowledge to assist with this type of retaining wall design. View here. See for yourself some of the incredible installations that professional architects, landscape architects and commercial builders have created on a wide range of projects using our durable, reliable paving and walling products. A garden retaining wall of up to 400mm high can be built out of a single skin wall of facing bricks or concrete block. Antique retaining wall blocks for small walling projects, Attractive retaining wall blocks with a smart, heritage feel, This site uses cookies to provide and improve your browsing experience. Product Approvals (BBA) The raised lip and notch lock each block in place and creates a natural setback. Alternatively, it can be used with or without a concrete backing to create a gravity wall. Our retaining walls can be used for highway … The TERRAFORCE L15 interlocking, mortarless, concrete hollow block retaining wall system provides the solution to projects requiring soil retaining walls, erosion protection, garden terracing and reinforced slopes. 🚨 🆕 Today we celebrate the completion of our new state-of-the-art production facility! Learn more... At Allan Block, we believe in putting the customer experience above all else. Leromur is an unplanted retaining wall system that can be laid split- or square-faced. The product is available as Secura Grand, Secura Major and Secura Lite, all of which are suitable for different sized walling projects. Redi-Rock™ is an engineered retaining wall system that looks great, is easy to install, and will stand the test of time. Design Details Product Brochures Allan Block the choice for large civil engineering projects: Road intersections & Bridge abutment. Click and Collect is available or enjoy free UK delivery on selected orders over %pound;150 excl. Product Description For almost 30 years Allan Block has been helping Architects, Engineers, Landscape Professionals and Homeowners realise the full potential of their environment. 160 m2 x Rate £200 m2 = £32,000. Choosing Your Retaining Wall Materials. Retaining Wall Price Comparison Table. The dry-stack construction technique allows the incidental water to escape by flowing around the blocks and out the retaining wall face. The AB Collection is easy to install. A complete guide on how to build Allan Block Retaining walls, Plan, Design and Build instructions for walls up to 1,80 meter tall. Not only does Secura prevent sloping site issues and create a more efficient use of land, but the mortar-free product is cost-effective and provides a fast and easy installation process. Secura is the right choice for a vast range of applications, from gravity walls used in residential projects to larger commercial retaining walls up to 9m. AB Estimating Tool & App Secura is a retaining wall range which provides an effective solution for any type of application. Typical wall drawing; How to build your wall. On a national average, most people will spend a minimum of ï¿¡9,870 - for a 6 ft high retaining wall ï¿¡10,564. Retaning Wall Products Continuing Education For more information, please see our, Mayfair Step Flags with Contrasting Nosing. Use one sized block or mix the different block sizes together in the wall to capture the look of hand laid stone. Once you have placed an order it will then be processed and delivered to you within 2-3 days. Where to Buy Anchor® segmental retaining wall blocks are manufactured from locally sourced, high grade aggregates using the latest computerised systems. allan block retaining wall blocks. A range of standard retaining walls is available from stock in seven different heights. A wall any higher than this needs to be thicker and there are several ways of achieving this. Please pay within 48hrs of winning bid. Manufacturer of interlocking concrete Duo blocks used throughout the UK in a wide variety of applications including Temporary Works and Cofferdams. These blocks dry-stack without mortar or footings. Glossary Technical Newsletters EXTREME DURABILITY. Using Concrete Blocks in Retaining Walls Favored for its strength and durability, concrete has been used for centuries, including by the Romans, and is still widely used today. Anchor Wall offers the latest innovations in concrete block retaining and freestanding wall systems. The Perfect Retaining Wall System VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems are cost-effective, easy-to-install, and give you endless design options. From a practical retaining support to a decorative stone wall, the reasons for building a garden wall are unique to every homeowner. Each unit is designed to be loaded from either side and can retain material level with the top of the wall, including a surcharge or a sloping backfill from the top of the unit without any surcharge. A complete guide on how to build Allan Block Retaining walls. Retaining wall photo gallery. How to Build a Retaining Wall . Durability and performance is assured by meeting or exceeding targets for crushing strength and water absorption. Specifications Will post within 48hrs of receiving payment from Delivered anywhere in UK .No returns accepted. Complex Composite Structures One of the things you must get right is the thickness of the wall. It can follow both concave and convex curves without the need for special blocks or cutting. Sign up to receive your quarterly e-magazine for landscape architects & designers containing a collection of stunning project images and creative ideas using Tobermore products to help you plan your next landscaping project. The hollow core feature makes them easier to handle and promotes good drainage behind the wall. The budget cost for a L Shaped precast concrete retaining wall 2m high x 80m longs is calculated as follows: 2m x 80m = 160 m2. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. Concrete structures have been known to last for hundreds of years, and if engineered properly, concrete block walls … The system comprises a standard block which has two angular faces, and a … The hollow-core design combines with mortarless construction to allow water to drain freely from behind the segmental retaining wall. The AB Collection is right at home in any setting. Tobermore has launched a free online sub-base specifier tool for concrete block paving and flag…, The therapeutic benefits of a safe, attractive and carefully planned external living environment are well…, With the current obsession of greys everywhere we look from fashion to interiors and exteriors,…. The AB Collection is easy to install. © Copyright 2020 Tobermore. The hollow core feature makes them easier to handle and promotes good drainage behind the wall. Over the last few years the UK construction industry has seen a huge rise in precast concrete retaining wall options including interlocking concrete blocks. For an 8 ft high retaining wall, homeowners will spend around on a Steep land, top-notch materials and/or a particularly higher 10 ft wall can cause the price to climb as high as ï¿¡19,344. Chevloc is a highly versatile split faced precast concrete modular system which permits retaining and free-standing walls to be built in a variety of orientations and alignments. Wall Products. A retaining wall around your lake is the best way for you to get this job done. Example. Learn more... Terraces and Curves designed and constructed with ease. Allan Block Retaining Walls Allan Block Retaining Walls. With that in mind, we’ve made some updates to our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. Retaining walls can be tricky to build as they need to be strong enough to resist horizontal soil pressure where there are differing ground levels. Company registration NI011280. Not only does Secura prevent sloping site issues and create a more efficient use of land, but the mortar-free product is cost-effective and provides a fast and easy installation process. But with Adbri Masonry, we've got some good news for you. How to Videos Leading paving and walling manufacturer Tobermore celebrates the completion of a new state-of-the-art Production Facility…. When choosing materials for your lakefront retaining walls, there are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind. Buy great products from our Walling Category online at Product Brochures We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices A great lightweight alternative material for constructing retaining walls is EPS geofoam. You will find the m2 rates for all the retaining wall types in the tables in the next section of the brochure. Take a look at our range of trade standard retaining wall blocks and wall bricks for the garden. retaining wall blocks in its original box.Good condition and fully working. The raised lip and notch lock each block in … VAT. At AG our range of Anchor® Vertica®, a mortarless/pinless segmental retaining wall system, is attractive and versatile. We have the largest range of precast concrete retaining walls available in the UK, some of which are capable of taking surcharges of up to 25kN/m 2 and 100 year design life. Retaining Walls. FAQs. That’s why the Marshalls range of garden wall bricks and blocks is designed to cater for every consideration. Available Products The table shows you the retaining wall price comparison of eight different types of retaining walls. Concrete decorative wall blocks, ideal for a retaining wall, veg plot etc. Retaining wall free design service for DIY’ers and the trade Gabion retaining wall design guidelines Email with the retaining wall length, height and … Download our product brochure now. Retaining Wall Construction Your choices are endless. Find Your Local Manufacturer, Best Practices-SRW Design Retaining Wall Testing VERSA-LOK segmental retaining walls are made from high-strength concrete units, dry-stacked, interlocked with pins, and set on granular leveling pads. Plan, Design and Build instructions for walls up to 1,80 meter tall. Bricks can be laid in two skins which can be held together by mesh, or built as a 225mm thick wall as shown in the laying bricks project. AB Estimating Tool & App The new £10m factory, situa…, 📣 Calling all City Planners, Engineers & Urban Designers - Join our LIVE webinar taking place tomorrow, December 3r… Contractor Certification Online Training Program, What is a Retaining Wall? In fact, geofoam blocks weigh 100 times less than traditional retaining wall materials. First, you are going to have to consider what kind of material is going to be best for your wall. PayPal payment only.
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