I have a natural fadeaway though. 1) makes it easier to track the flight of the ball, and judge your shooting arc. No matter what i do i cant seem to fix my shot. In fact, you should rebuild your shot slowly by stepping back one step at a time as you establish consistency from a given range, using the new set point. I need help with my range because my 3's are always short by a finger's width... Any tips on increasing range? !I'm sorry, you're probably feeling like you could write an entire book only off my questions, it's just hard to find someone who gives efficient advice, Monzer, it looks like Coach Sar took care of you. Thank you for the article and feedback, Dan 0While I wouldn't teach that I had some kids who's shot was anything but perfect form wise. What are your shooting %s?Now, go to the top of this page and look at the pictures... read the instructions... that is what a shot should look like.Start with FORM shooting against a wall. I can think of 2 things... step into your shot and use more legs to increase range.How old are you and what is your range right now? What can I do to be better in basket ball without attending those classes ? If you get beyond 6 feet from the basket with a 10-foot goal, he has a problem. Having a flat shot means you are more likely to miss a shot because at long range, you need to put more power to your shot to make it reach. I''m in 8th grade (14, 6''2 ) and my highschool coach is looking for me to play varsity as freshman. I am trying to fix my shot. I just did not know if I should try to fix this motion with my balance hand. WWH,Confidence is a very important aspect of shooting. I need to understand how to bring my hands up when going up for a shot, and when to release. Shoot the ball when you have a shot... doesn't mean that you have to search it out... it means that when it comes to you - STICK IT!! FOLLOW-THROUGHYour wrists should be floppy (relaxed).Fingers should be pointed at the target (rim).Finish high. 1 ft. Billy Edelen, 2 Most Important Basketball Hip Stretches | moBILLity Basketball, Basketball Footwork Drills: Cutting Edge Training Ep. No stopping at anywhere in the shot process.I would also highly recommend to check out One Motion shooting by Rick Penny: http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/store/shopexd.asp?id=136. The focus is on building balance, strength,…, As a collegiate basketball player I was in a low athletic stance and constantly jumping for for at least 3…, Basketball Footwork Drills (Rolling Pipes Forward and Back) Focus Basketball footwork drills free up your feet for optimal movement, balance,…, I recently tweaked a knee in jiu jitsu. And that is quite hard when you're in a basketball game and in mid-air. The RollaJam’s unique design is the first premium grade, portable goal with the residential player in mind. If that is not possible, videotape yourself from every angle and see if something fundamentally is off. Its hard to advise you since we cant see your shot... Hello i would like to know if someone aim with his middle finger rather than the index finger what would be the mechanics...? what are your ideas on what i should do to get my shot back? 2) By having your feet forward you create distance from you and your defender. Hi im 12 and ive been playing basketball since I was 4 . OK Kevin -Break your shot down and rebuild it - Look at the video.... start in close - 15' and don't move back until you are satisfied with the results... they say 5 in a row..... for you, I would think it should also be about your form, release point and how you land.It sounds like BALANCE is part of your problem and every sport begins with good balance. Are all of your shots within 15 feet taken with good form? Also watch pro shot shooting system, shot mechanics, and bballbreakdown hope this helped :3. my 9 yr old son seems to have to dip his shooting shoulder a bit when he shoots from about 12 ft out when shootin from 10 ft in its much better. How many times have you seen Michael Jordan start the game cold and miss 6 or 7 shots in a row -- yet still end up scoring 40 points in the game? What are you tips? You just can't worry about it.With that said, you need to practice and practice smart. teaches that you should look 11" past the front of the rim which is the sweet spot while forest is a back of the rim or what ever feels comfortable. http://www.coachwissel.com/index.php/videos/shooting-off-catch/catch-and-shoot-drills/111-catch-from-inside-outPatience and repetitons will help you correct your shot providing your form/mechanics are correct. Happens to pros, You just suck at basketball and it’s not your sport jk jk lolNah it’s probably because you keep changing rims and there might be a height difference or the rim is thicker than the rest I’ve noticed my shots inconsistent when I change rims often. Luis....Take a look at the top of this page and it should help you with your release.... by the way, there are a lot of people who don't shoot well from the corners... its a tough shot.Brandon ...I cant remember the coaches name but he taught that move... explode off that foot to give you more power for longer shots.Is this messing your shot up? Notice, the ball is resting on the side of your thumb, on the finger pads, and you can see my palm.As for index and middle finger, shoot one way and be consistent with it. ok & on freethrows when i shoot i now use this routine where i go down low then bring the ball up to shoot because when i stood up my shoulder would twist and the ball would end up on the left side. Ivan -Without seeing your shot.. Is it form? considering i would shoot bout 300 to 500 wall shots a day? How come during my shooting practices i have a higher % of shots going in rather thanactual games? Just be patient and keep working on it. I don't know how to approach it. It should give you a clear explanation of the shooting process. Think about your stance... and what you are doing with your left hand... it sounds like you are using it with your shot. People call it a hitch but I really don't know. Upon catching the basketball or raising up into a shot… Also coach I'm a freshmen in highschool. I am one of, if not the best shooter in my area and shoot with a solid FG%. I'm 21 and in a small private college. Hi. AND, IF you look at the top of the page its pretty much what they are telling shooters.If worse comes to worse, do what is comfortable for you... but you came to us for help.... as for being short on deep shots (3s) my advice would be to get your legs into the shots more.Keep us updated and good luck. I guess what I'm saying is that if you want to be successful and get the tricks down that will help you with your game, then you have to put in the time and effort, even if you don't like it. If you struggle a little bit, get yourself to the free throw line so you can work on your stroke. Let us know how this is going and your thoughts on what you read here along with the pictures at the top of the page.. the beginning of the article. This is a basic mathematical “law”, we’ll call it. This is going to take a lot ( 1,000's ) of repititions, so be patient with your self.Everybody is a little different, you have to find out what works best for you... but what I said above is pretty much the norm. Through writing, we'll never be able to properly diagnose your shot. My set point is from head is this good?should I change it to my forehead? Don't try to go from 15' to the arc... not many people can do that.#3 Good shooting %s comes from shooting within your range. i would recomend this every day !this will build your muscles in your arm and you will get a perfect shot, take about 30 shots like this then put your guide hand up to the side and make sure your not useing your thumb! Just be smart about what tricks you choose -- mimicking what NBA players do isn't always the best way to go. It feels like I elevate, then my arms just fire forward to get the ball off giving it too much power. What should I do. Before the summer league starts i was a sharp shooter even though my form is destroyed i can still shoot it easily and but now even though a normal or a wide open shot i can't make the shot and I don't know what's the problem ....... please help me. I wanted to be better than 50% from the arc. :I bring the ball back behind my head when I shoot and I shoot from a low place kind of.My biggest worry is that it will be blocked too easily and I will never get a shot off. I have never done that so I'm not sure what the procedure is.... try doing it and see if it walks you thru it. Dalt -It sounds like you have a lot of things going on here that are not correct. You can shoot F/Ts for me anytime also.4 feet behind the arc? LOL Sorry about your rim...you need to have someone take the rim off the backboard and see if they can fix it. I shoot over 90% from the freethrow line but when I add a jump into my shot the ball flies every which way and is very un predictable. I knock down everything when I;m playing at the local rec or gym even against competition. I make more threes fading than proper mid-ranged jumpshots. NOBODY makes it to the pros without that kind of work ethic.Good luck Logan. I have the problem that I put waaaay to much arc into my shot. I am a three-point shooting point guard for my high school team. Basketball is a percentage game. Forest goes into more detail about finger placement and backspin. right now practicing 3 hours a day in my driveway my shot is all over the place. He made a staggering 3.5 threes per game this season while connecting on 45 percent of his attempts. Physics help!! Thanks. One of the biggest issues I have is getting them to shoot correctly. I would usually have 1st & 2nd graders shoot at a 8 foot hoop with a mini ball. LOL I'm just glad that I can give you some advice that helps and you are trying it to make it work for you.I had a father of a 7th grade player that questioned my record after I was trying to get his son to shoot this way, he was shooting with both hands. My form was the same but the ball either goes too far left or too far right, sometimes even airballing.Any tips? Allow the vinyl to cool and solidify for at least 5 minutes. Then maybe a coach can give you advice whether to adjust anything or not. Is the SEDRS similar or different to the FOREST method? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTxHGOQdEc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC6xGbsAPjs&feature=relatedAs for dribbling.... that just takes a lot of practice ... you have to be willing to spend a lot of time on this.... Yea I'm 15 years old and I'm having trouble with shooting and dribbling, I'm left handed and I try to look up different techniques but I just can't find anything....Can you help me? I absolutely love the mid range game because there are many ways to get your shot off. I bring it up like a normal shot only I switch the ball to my left hand and use my right as a guide. Leaning Backwards, Forwards, and to the left or right. Ken-Also MJ and Lebron didn't just happen to be good at the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTxHGOQdEc&list=PLCE640F251A4CDE74&index=1This takes a lot of practice... that boy is only 14 but he has been working on this since he was 11.I hope this helps, let us know what you are thinking now? One thing I've noticed is that my shot is always messed up during my follow through--right when I release the ball and the defender pushes me backwards, boxing me out. For much of my career I shot a flat shot. Move your feet so they are comfortable (shoulder width apart), shooting foot ahead of non shooting foot, in a comfortable staggered stance (sort of like a boxer). Players are bigger, stronger and quicker... and so are you. I coach grade school children. If not, enjoy the game and keep shooting. I have always done this and it makes is somewhat easier when far away but a lot of the time i hit the bar holding up the rim or it bounces out. I start coaching them at age 11 when they come to high school. Also jumping forward and letting your feet sweep forward helps with power and arc, hey coach can you help me im 12 i shoot almost 85% from ft line but im not that consistent. Please feel free to respond, thank you. I have always been a great shooter but lately my shots have not been falling. currently i shoot above my head but i cant seem too get much range, Can you guys help me on that? Also my left foot always turns to the left on my free throws could you help with this also? I'm currently on my high school basketball team (2/3 position). Steve - Bending the knees and using the legs will help with power. The same concept applies when shooting a basketball you should dip down and release upward. This really helped a lot! It also tells the shooter a lot about their shot. I can shoot pretty well, but i"ve still yet to figure out how to control distance while shooting. Don't forget to get your legs into your shot.After you get the rotation you want.. add the guide hand without touching the ball.... do 100s of those... then you can add the guide hand, by now you should have corrected your problem.Now you can go to the basket and work on your shot there... but start close and work your way back as you experience success.We had a guy come in and hold a couple of shooting clinics at our school and another one in our area... he RARELY MISSED.. seriously... 1 miss in a two hour clinic.His name was George Lehmann - he taught the BEEF method.B- BalancE- Eye on the target E- Elbow under the ball ANDF- Follow through. I would just ask you this question, as you move up levels - Varsity / College, is your shot still going to be effective? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTxHGOQdEc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC6xGbsAPjs&feature=relatedWatch these kids shoot, the first one, that boy is 14 like you, his form is great... and IF you have bad habits it will take awhile to change them... but if you are serious about shooting, maybe you will think its worth while.Either way, let us know what you are going to do and the results.We had a guy come in and hold a couple of shooting clinics at our school and another one in our area... he RARELY MISSED.. seriously... 1 miss in a two hour clinic.His name was George Lehmann - he taught the BEEF method.B- BalancE- Eye on the target E- Elbow under the ball ANDF- Follow through. I have always had a pretty decent shot until I reached highschool. Since I'm a lefty I cant seem to look at demonstrations and learn from them. ive tried changing my stance by standing wider of jumping forward and this still doesnt make it consistent would a shooting sleeve work? This will cause serious problems for the shooter and the ball will often spray left and right. it ended my season now im back to playing basketball after pt. im wondering if its because i jump off one leg when i practice dunking or should i practice less or something else. This resulted in his shot having an arc and balls going in.Hope that helps. Another way is to be able to shoot off the dribble. Fade away, 1on1 moves, and fancy footwork. Also, I've been told that the index finger is supposed to be in the center of the ball. I am 13 years old my shot is inconsistent, my friends are saying I don''''''''t cock my arms back enough what can I do to fix it? I don't bring it down, I just bring it off. When your shooting hand is on the side of the ball your hand will rotate naturally during the shot and which ever finger touches last is up to the shooter as he or she rotates within his or her comfort zone.My system took the very best aspects of the swish method, the forest, noah, shot mechanics, and splash lab, and combined them into one simple shooting systemcalled S.E.D.R.S. In textbook form, a follow through … But it depends on your height, distance from basket, etc. It should be a natural position. Check out your form again and let us know what its like. Here is something from MJ, Rodney Preparation = ConfidenceIn the book “Driven from Within,” Michael Jordan talks about his crunch time mentality: If I miss a shot, so what? There are a lot of dribbling drills on this page - http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/drills/basketball-drills-players.html#ballhandlingdrills. Thanks you. Hey Love the tips! Indoor basketball courts are almost always made of hardwood. I knew I had done the right things to prepare myself for that situation. So like I said, you should have to need that mind set at a young age, like 13 and up, to get those tools that you need to become a successful player. I caught fire last year by gripping my thumb hard, but it doesn''t seem to work any more. I use to be a fantastic player when i was little but now it seems i cant even get a shot off without worrying if im going to miss the shot or get blocked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTxHGOQdEc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC6xGbsAPjs&feature=relatedWatch these kids shoot, the first one, that boy is 14 like you, his form is great... and IF you have bad habits it will take awhile to change them... but if you are serious about shooting, maybe you will think its worth while.Either way, let us know what you are going to do and the results.We had a guy come in and hold a couple of shooting clinics at our school and another one in our area... he RARELY MISSED.. seriously... 1 miss in a two hour clinic.His name was George Lehmann - he taught the BEEF method.B- BalancE- Eye on the target E- Elbow under the ball ANDF- Follow through.
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