[55], In his paper Chalke argues, 'Throughout my life, the Bible has been a constant reference point and source of personal inspiration. During a virtual proceeding of the House of Lords, Bishop Butler asked a follow-up question in response to a Government statement given in the House of Commons on the opening of schools during the pandemic. Oasis has now created hubs in 62 local neighbourhoods around the world, 36 of them in the UK. It is no wonder that these abusive practices are condemned by inspired scripture. He broke this record by raising £1.25 million for Oasis' work with schools in disadvantaged communities, through running the London Marathon. The longer that children are learning from home, the wider the disadvantage gap that may well be developing. A multi-academy trust consisting of four schools. It's one thing to be critical of a promiscuous lifestyle, but shouldn't the Church consider nurturing positive models for permanent and monogamous homosexual relationships? Chalke had been reflecting on the matter for a long time and his January 2013 declaration represented what some regarded as a completely opposite position to the one he had earlier expressed when, in 2001, he wrote an article for Christianity (then known as Christianity and Renewal) entitled "What might Jesus say to Roy Clements about the Church and the Homosexual debate?" "[41], Chalke claims that; "Intolerance and extremeism [sic] are more to do with fundamentalism, than faith. Chalke was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1981, after studying at Spurgeon's College in London. In early 2013, Chalke sent what The Independent said would be "shockwaves through Britain’s evangelical community",[45] of which he is a leader, by stating, both on the Oasis Trust website[46] and in an article in Christianity magazine,[47] that he supports monogamous same-sex relationships and marriage. Rev. Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis trust which has 35 primaries around England, has become one of the first to say he intends to reopen his schools from June 1. Oasis Charitable Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. Beneath the headlines of religious fanaticism and intolerance are the untold stories of countless individuals who, motivated by their personal faith, choose to work for the betterment of our society. You can't be both." “The phased plan to bring back a limited number of year groups initially will rely on ongoing monitoring to keep track of the situation. When he crossed the finishing line at the 2011 London Marathon, after 4 hours 31 minutes, Chalke broke this record for a third time by raising £2.32 million.[20]. Embedded Modern Slavery Coordinators enable resilience building by developing bridges between the hubs and vulnerable local communities. Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis Trust (Image: Manchester Evening News) He said: "Schools are a really vital part of society - they enable to society to … As a teenager he became a Christian and decided to dedicate his life working to end poverty. [24], In 2005 Chalke founded Stop the Traffik, a global coalition which works to raise awareness of human trafficking in all countries and communities and to stop the buying and selling of people.[25]. Advocate: engage with those who have the power to minimise the trafficking of people. SCHOOLS need to restart as soon as possible for the sake of the children of poor families, the founder of the Oasis Academy Trust, the Revd Steve Chalke, has said. Steve Chalke, founder of the Oasis Trust, said opposition to reopening of schools is “rather middle class”. In the late 1990s Chalke began working with a group of churches in his home town of Croydon, Surrey, as well as in partnership with Croydon Council to establish what is now known as the Croydon Foyer. On Thursday, the Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Paul Butler, said that prolonging school closures risked widening “the disadvantage gap”. I have to say that the teachers and the heads of trusts that I have spoken to are keen to reopen schools because they are particularly concerned about the learning loss for disadvantaged students and the challenges they face to re-engage them in school.”, Comment: a teacher’s fears about a 1 June return to school, We are excited as we plan for the next stage in ministry and are looking for an enthusiastic pastor. We can guarantee two metres of separation; rooms will be cleaned after each session; and there will be throw-away cutlery at lunch. The Oasis Trust, the ministry founded by the Reverend Steve Chalke, has had its membership of the Evangelical Alliance discontinued. In order to tackle the root causes of disadvantage we seek to ensure that school improvement and community development go hand in hand. The Government asked us to work with the children of key workers and vulnerable families anyway, so this is a stepping-up process,” he said. In a statement, the Evangelical Alliance said the decision was made following a disagreement with the Oasis Trust over their online and social media content surrounding the issue of human sexuality and same sex marriage, particularly Chalke's pro-gay views.
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