73,411, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Waitress takes home $2K tip after claiming she was stiffed by restaurant, Family speaks out after boy shoots himself during Zoom class, Team booted from HS football playoffs after vicious ref attack. As Linnman’s deadpan segment covered, chunks of the sea creature flew in the air like shrapnel, sending screaming onlookers running and even flattening a car. This story has been shared 110,208 times. On Nov. 9, 1970, a 45-foot sperm whale had washed up on the beach near Florence, but as KATU reporter Paul Linnman noted at the time, it later became "a stinking whale of a problem." Privacy Notice A dead sperm whale has exploded while being delivered to a research centre near the southwestern city of Tainan. You may have heard about the exploding dead whale of Florence, Oregon. What many do not know is the reason for this fact, which to many is sure to be most unpleasant and happens. There are many things to celebrate this week—including, of course, the 50th anniversary of Oregon's whale explosion. “To have it live as a story still on the internet after 50 years is just amazing,” Brazil said. The explosives had been buried under the landward side of a 45-foot-long, 8-ton sperm whale. Please support the city we loveby joining Friends of Willamette Week. Thursday brought a monumental anniversary 50 years in the making. Memories Of The Dead Whale Exploding For George Thornton, the exploding whale incident remained a regretful blemish until his death in 2013 at 84 years of age. Fifteen years ago today, the dead sperm whale was being towed through the streets of Taiwan when it exploded, covering nearby people, cars, and shops in blood and guts. On Nov. 12, 1970, the Oregon Highway Division decided to remove an 8-ton sperm whale from a Florence beach by blowing it up with dynamite. Turns out that was WAY TOO MUCH dynamite, and when the body exploded, it sent pieces everywhere... as far as a quarter-mile away! Huge chunks of blubber were blown into the air, scattering screaming onlookers and crushing a car. 89,325, This story has been shared 73,411 times. Why does the whale explode ? However, the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 continues to makethis a very challenging time. November 12, 2020 | 10:35pm | Updated November 13, 2020 | 9:27am. Today, the … It is possible, again particularly in warmer climates, that heat and gas build up can result in a dead whale exploding on its own. “I was asked about it virtually every day of my life, or commented on it, by everybody, strangers alike,” Paul Linnman told KATU-TV in Portland. So I guess this "exploding whale" was a well-known incident, but I have never heard about it or seen the footage. Instead of blowing up into fine fragments, the corpse rained back down in large chunks. 110,208, This story has been shared 89,325 times. Terms of Use WW NEEDS YOU. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Exploding whale tale drives Doncaster Council's stay-at-home message. Dead whale explodes Blood and guts litter this street in Tainan, Taiwan, after decomposing organs in the sperm whale in background caused it … The exploding whale and Linnman's TV segment have now become legendary, and gained over 1 million views on YouTube. In what was called a "controlled explosion," they used a … In conjunction with the 50th anniversary in 2020, the Oregon Historical Society had the original 16mm … In honor of the occasion, the Oregon Historical Society has released newly restored footage of the bizarre, and kind of disgusting, event. Fifty years ago, Oregon exploded a whale in a burst that ‘blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds’ ... the incident wasn’t the last time explosives have been used to dispose of dead whales. It was later determined that the whale had most likely been struck by a large shipping vessel, damaging its spine and weakening the area, and leading to its death. Shannon Gormley is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. For the anniversary, the Oregon Historical Society released a remastered version of the 16mm print original, which has been under the museum’s care since the 1980s, according to the Willamette Week. The idea was that the rotting whale would be nearly disintegrated by the blast, and that any smaller pieces left over would be taken care of by seagulls or other scavengers. According to LiveScience, Exploding Whale Memorial Park in Florence, Oregon, is named for an explosive event that took place Nov. 12, 1970, when … Locals … Milky Way galaxy map unveiled as astronomers reveal Earth is heading toward a black hole, NBA star reportedly saved kids, Kylie Jenner from intruder, Trista Sutter asks for privacy as husband struggles with mystery illness, California boy mistakes Prince Harry for Christmas tree salesman, Shakira drops addictive dance moves in Black Eyed Peas video ‘Girl Like Me’, James Corden Under Fire For ‘The Prom’ Performance: “The Worst Gayface in a Long, Long Time”, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, What's up, doc? Fun starts at 1:50 min [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] "Fiery the Angels rose, & as they rose deep thunder roll'd Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc" - William Blake, America a Prophecy This whale memorial is total blast. An eight-ton 45-foot long whale washed up on the beach near Florence and, after a few days, started to decay and cause quite an odor. The 10 minutes of KATU's raw footage maintains the nostalgic grain of the film, and includes some much more grotesque shots than what made it into the original broadcast, including one where a bulldozer pushes the partially obliterated whale carcass into a sand pit. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights The original story of the exploding whale first appeared on KATU Channel 2 Portland, OR in November 1970. Another whale explosion occurred on January 29, 2004, in Tainan City, Taiwan. We'll send you a newsletter with what you need to know every week. The Oregon Highway Division had decided the best way to remove the dead 8-ton sperm whale that had washed ashore was to stuff it with 24 cases of dynamite and blow it up. “All of a sudden, we realized blubber is coming down … There was that momentary ‘Oh … This stuff is landing.’ And it could have hit us,” Linnman recalled. A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of an eastern Canadian town several weeks ago, and has been causing quite a stir ever since. It includes Linnman’s iconic closing line: “It might be concluded that should a whale ever wash ashore in Lane County again, those in charge will not only remember what to do, they’ll certainly remember what not to do.”. In the clip, Linnman underscores the scene's deapan absurdity with punny lines like, "The sand dunes there were covered with spectators and land-loving newsmen, shortly to become land-blubber newsmen. Fifty years ago, a dead whale exploded. Officials with the Oregon Highway Division famously decided to blow up a beached, dead sperm whale in November 1970. In his alliterative voice-over of the clip, Linnman quipped that “land-lubber newsmen” became “land-blubber newsmen … for the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.”. KATU-TV sent reporter Paul Linnman to capture the scene. A widely reported case of an exploding whale occurred in Florence, Oregon in November 1970, when the Oregon Highway Division (now the Oregon Department of Transportation) blew up a decaying sperm whale with dynamite in an attempt to dispose of its rotting carcass. Related: Florence Has Named a Park After the Legendary 1970 Whale Explosion. Whale falls are places of evolutionary novelty, sheltering species first discovered on the bones of dead whales. When an operator attempted to manipulate the body of a dead marine mammal on the shore, it exploded due to the accumulation of gas in its stomach. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The cause of the phenomenon was initially unknown, since it unexpectedly occurred in the spinal area of the whale, not in its abdomen as might be expected. A small coastal town... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! PORTLAND NEEDS WILLAMETTE WEEK. This time the explosion resulted from the buildup of gas inside a decomposing sperm whale, which caused it to burst. However, this process is often expedited by human intervention. This story has been shared 110,208 times. On the 50th anniversary of the “Florence whale explosion” Thursday, a former Oregon TV newsman recalled what it was like to cover the infamous event — where authorities used half a ton of dynamite to blow up a beached whale. Your California Privacy Rights We've received your submission. Oregon Historical Society has released newly restored footage of the bizarre, and kind of disgusting, event, Florence Has Named a Park After the Legendary 1970 Whale Explosion, Portland Coffee Company Ristretto Roasters Is Going Out of Business, Portland TikTok Star Alyssa McKay Is Staying Home and Getting Famous, Daily COVID-19 Case Count Hits 2,176, 30% Higher Than Previous Single-Day Record, Iconic Old Portland Cafe Rimsky-Korsakoffee House Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Keep Its Doors Open, Oregon Governor Imposes Statewide “Freeze” to Curb COVID-19 Spread, Restricting Bars and Restaurants to Takeout Service, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty Ceded Some Leverage at City Hall With Tactical Electoral Missteps, The 2022 Governor’s Race is Officially Underway: Dr. Thanks for contacting us. On Nov. 12, 1970, Linnman and his cameraman Doug Brazil were just 23 when they were assigned to capture the blubber blast on a beach in Florence, Ore. I don't know what to say about this. 50 years ago this Thursday, (Nov. 12), the detonation of a dead, beached sperm whale in Florence ended in chaos. Share the best GIFs now >>> Your Ad Choices Passers-by and cars were soaked in … Claim: In 1970, the Oregon Department of Transportation attempted to dispose of a whale carcass by blowing it up. If a whale is stranded on the beach, it might be taken away to be disposed of ecologically. But 50 years ago, the highway patrol in Oregon decided to use a HALF-TON OF DYNAMITE to remove the dead body of an 8-ton beached whale. You can register here. This is about an event 50 years ago that you may never have heard of, the removal of a dead whale from a beach in Florence, Oregon on Nov. 12, 1970. T… The mammal would feel nothing when it exploded; it had washed ashore several days before and was long dead. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Dead Whale Explodes Gif animated GIFs to your conversations. The exploding whale and Linnman's TV segment have now become legendary, and gained over 1 million views on YouTube. In places where it’s common for whales and cetaceans to end up stranded, people usually make a cut in the dead animal’s belly to avoid this rather disgusting chain of events. But that it's pure insanity. A dead sperm whale explodes in the Faroe Islands as a man attempts to open its stomach. 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Bud Pierce Declares His Candidacy, Some Oregon Republicans Are Reluctant to Reveal Their Thanksgiving Dinner Plans, Multnomah County Records 715 COVID Cases in Two Days. For the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.". COVID-19 holiday risk: The safest and most dangerous activities She covers local and non-local music in Portland, and writes for Baltimore City Paper whenever she's visiting her hometown. The idea was that rotting whale would be easier to dispose of if it was first blasted into smaller bits. Now, it also has a 4k digital restoration. Sitemap This Thursday—the exploding whale's 50th anniversary—OHS will stream a free talk between Linnman and museum director Kerry Tymchuk on Zoom. While he told Linnman on that fateful day in 1970 that he was “confident that it’ll work,” the … Today, the Oregon Historical Society released its pristine update of the 16 mm print original, which has been under the museum's care since the 1980s. The explosion threw whale flesh over 800 feet (240 metres) away. The story was reported by Paul Linnman with cameraman Doug Brazil who captured the event on 16mm film, the common format for TV news coverage in those days.. The need for strong, independent local journalism is more urgent than ever. Milky Way galaxy map unveiled as astronomers reveal Earth is heading toward a black... 5 MTA high-rollers busted for allegedly raking in OT while bowling, running a 5K. The whale explosion footage gained national fame in the 1990s, and received renewed attention on YouTube, becoming a viral hit. Now, it also has a 4k digital restoration. The Oregon Highway Division had decided the best way to remove the dead 8-ton sperm whale that had washed up ashore was to stuff it with 24 cases of … An Oregon town has named a park after a whale that the state blew up 50 years ago. You might even have seen some pictures, but not these. a good question When a dead whale is stranded on the beach, there is a countdown that activates and if the whale does not act it ends up exploding. On November 12, 1970, the Oregon Department of Transportation blew up a dead whale that had washed up on a Florence beach. Florence, Ore., Mayor Joe Henry poses in front of the sign welcoming visitors to the Exploding Whale Memorial Park.
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