People … 3. iiyama G-Master GB3461WQSU We’re looking at a couple of brand- new iiyama ultrawide gaming monitors in this test, each of which represents the IPS/VA divide. There are many different types of IPS techs, from IPS to S-IPS, AS-IPS, IPS-Pro, H-IPS, etc. Since TN and *VA panels can show considerable color/gamma variance at even slight angles, it seems that the current best option by far for a large monitor is an H-IPS, e-IPS, or IPS Pro. A bit of a mouthful, but when comparing the IPS models to the AOC, you’re comparing a 10-bit (8-bit + FRC dithering) IPS panel with an 8-bit VA panel. TLDR: There's no such thing as a perfect LCD. Every single one of those panel types is … To further boost your productivity, some of the best business monitors also offer an ultra-wide 21:9 (or even higher) aspect ratio, which gives you even more space to work on. IPS and VA currently stand at between 3 to 5ms, and anything claiming about 1ms is TN. VA - Great contrast, "ok" viewing angles, decent color accuracy, but VERY slow. I recently upgraded to a 27' 1440p IPS monitor and enjoy working on it (coding, web design, gaming), it's so much better. But for the sake of simplicity & relevancy, lets make a dichotomy of IPS technology as a whole vs TN display technology. Thanks! When coupled with the gamma weaknesses explored in the review and the fact there is no ‘IPS glow’ to mask anything, any banding in content becomes more pronounced. ... (27" seems to have better overall reviews), or general thoughts of IPS vs VA for mixed use? This will be a daily driver for productivity, but I want to do 4K media editing. IPS panels offer a higher contrast ratio with superior blacks, great color accuracy, and also they do not shift colors when the viewing angles are changed. IPS or In-Plane Switching displays were created to address the cons of the TN displays. The IPS vs VA debate rages on, and theAOC CU34G2X makes a strong argument for the latter, but it can’t compete with more responsive panels in games. I also enjoy playing a casual game or two (more strategy-based than FPS), but would prefer not to "notice" my choice. ... productivity … 34″ 3440×1440 ultrawide monitors provide the perfect screen size/resolution ratio for productivity, and the LG 34WN80C is the most cost-efficient IPS model out there. These panels address issues of TN panels that were poor color reproduction and low viewing angles. IPS - Poor contrast, great viewing angles, great color accuracy(in general) but slower. And has IPS glow. The most common monitor panel technologies relevant for business use are in-plane switching (IPS ... been superseded by VA and (especially) IPS ones. Another consideration is whether to have atireflective coating. Depends, VA and IPS are my goto since I'm a person who is more distracted with the shit colors in TN especially when you pair it up with an IPS/VA monitor on the side. The standard answer to this is that IPS will generally provide a wider viewing angle, while VA may have faster response time, making it better for gaming. Now let’s talk about IPS panels. What is a IPS Display?
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