Gymnastics coach accused of emotional abuse speaks out. The exports of manufactured tobacco, such as Manila cheroots, find their principal market in China, British India, Australasia and the United Kingdom, whilst of the leaf tobacco fully three-quarters goes to Spain. Cuttings of deciduous plants should be taken off after the fall of the leaf. picture of a leaf. Before its fall the leaf has become dry owing to loss of water and the removal of the protoplasm and food substances to the stem for use next season; the red and yellow colouring matters are products of decomposition of the chlorophyll. Thus, in a phanerogam, the sepals, petals, stamens and foliage-leaves all come under the category leaf, though some are parts of the perianth, others are spore-bearing organs (sporophylls), and others carry on nutritive processes. What are synonyms for leaflike? Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) faire peau neuve: To turn over a new leaf. The form of the leaf shows a very great variety ranging from the narrow linear form with parallel sides, as in grasses or the needle-like leaves of pines and firs to more or less rounded or orbicular - descriptions of these will be found in works on descriptive botany - FIG. Leaves is defined as exits. In this case also the differentiation of leaf-bundles, which typically begins at the base of the leaf and extends upwards into the leaf and downwards into the stem, is the first phenomenon in the development of vascular tissue, and is seen at a higher level than the formation of a stele. Mexico is an important tobacco-producing country, and Mexican leaf is largely used in Europe for cigar wrappers and other purposes. For winter use the tops of the most useful kinds of herbs should be cut when in flower or full leaf and quite dry, and spread out in an airy but shady place so as to part slowly with the moisture they contain and at the same time retain their aromatic properties. This great rise in the supply, unaccompanied by an equal expansion of the market for Indian tea, involved the industry in great difficulties, to meet which it became necessary to restrict the area under tea as far as possible, and to reduce the quantity of leaf taken from the plant, thus at the same time improving the quality of the tea. Alexandrinus, in which a leaf near the end was missing, so that the great prayer (cc. The document is imperfect, owing probably to the accidental loss of its last leaf. What does take a leaf out of book expression mean? The epidermis is continuous except where stomata or spaces bounded by specialized cells communicate with intercellular spaces in the interior of the leaf. Soon the size will be tacky enough to accept the leaf. If before this application of the molten glass the metallic leaf, whilst resting on the thin film of blown glass, was etched with a sharp point, patterns, emblems, inscriptions and pictures could be embedded and rendered permanent by the double coating of glass. Sentence examples for piece of a leaf from inspiring English sources. Like in this example: ; and that platinum, by judicious work, can be drawn into wire 2?o o mm. The yield of leaf is often much increased, the plants are protected from the weather, and the enhanced value of the crop much more than repays the very considerable expense involved in artificially shading whole fields. The title, which is written on the first leaf, and is also in Robert Napier's writing, runs thus: "The Baron of Merchiston his booke of Arithmeticke and Algebra. One falling leaf heralds the coming of autumn: 12. On the bud pics of the living Kali plant in the article one can clearly see the narrow leaf shape sticking out of the bud. The leaves of different plants vary widely in size, shape, and color. CM 1 259479 I bought a loaf of bread for breakfast. The lid and mouth of the pitcher are brighter coloured than the rest of the leaf, which FIG. Today the new leaf sent out a bud. He has really turned over a new leaf. of the leaf is protected by similar structures. The small Turkish leaf is famous throughout the world. Eichler, one of the chief supporters of the simpler view, does not recognize in the inverse orientation of the vascular bundles an argument in support of the axillary-bud theory, but points out that the seminiferous scale, being an outgrowth from the surface of the carpellary scale, would, like outgrowths from an ordinary leaf, naturally have its bundles inversely orientated. Example Sentences . Very slight differences in climate appear to cause very great differences in the quality of the tobacco, and ordinary meteorological records are of little use in determining the suitability or not of a region for a particular kind of leaf; this essential point must be determined by experiment. The copper arrowheads appear in the XIXth Dynasty, of blade form with tang (70); the triangular form (72), and leaf form with socket (71), are of the XXVIth Dynasty. Tea leaf readers have been busy assessing the situation ever since. Schinzia, which forms galllike swellings on the roots of rushes; Gymnosporangium, causing excrescences on juniper stems; numerous leaf Fungi such as Puccinia, Aecidium, Sep/one, &c., causing yellow, brown or black spots on leaves; or Ustilago in the anthers of certain flowers. The betel nut is the fruit of the Areca or betel palm, Areca Catechu, and the betel leaf is the produce of the betel vine or pan, Chavica Betel, a plant allied to that which yields black pepper. When chewed a small piece is wrapped up in a leaf of the betel vine or pan, with a pellet of shell lime or chunam; and in some cases a little cardamom, turmeric or other aromatic is added. In 1904-1906 the yearly average sent to the United States was 234,063,652 cigars, 29,776,429 lb of leaf and 14,203,571 packages of cigarettes. Stem and Leaf Plots. Gold is dissipated by sending a powerful charge of electricity through it when in the form of leaf or thin wire. See more. Homework leaves dictionary definition superstition if sentences type 1 use the following idioms and phrases in. The process of embedding gold and silver leaf between two layers of glass originated as early as the 1st century, probably in Alexandria. 2 The nests of the sun-birds, domed with a penthouse porch, and pensile from the end of a bough or leaf, are very neatly built. : Common plants used include manioc, yam, papaya, mango, lime, and frangipani. Insects are attracted to the mouth of the pitcher by a series of glands, yielding a sweet excretion, which occurs on the stem and also on the leaf from the base of the leaf-stalk to the lid and peristome. The leaf is one of the most important parts of a plant . These latter are exceedingly picturesque, often consisting of a series of well-built Gothic arches, and give a peculiar character to the scenery; but they are also great impediments to navigation. Amongst the lower plants, however, it is found that a demarcation into stem and leaf is impossible, but that there is a structure which partakes of the characters of both - such is a thallus. Amongst the loose tissue of the leaf numerous transparent threads are shown; these are the mycelial threads or spawn of the fungus; wherever they touch the leaf-cells they pierce or break down the tissue, and so set up decomposition, as indicated by the darker shading. Leaf in a sentence is not a question, it is a statement. 5 years ago. use "leaf" in a sentence Some insects have the perfect camouflage, they have the form of a leaf or branch. leafy example sentences. He has not been in trouble this year. Examples of leaf blight in a sentence, how to use it. The flowers are borne singly in the leaf-axils on a stalk about half the length of the leaf and jointed and bent in the middle; the corolla is blue-purple. RELATED ( 5 ) piece of a page. In this way two marked forms of leaf are produced - (I) Simple form, in which the segmentation, however deeply it extends into the lamina, does not separate portions of the lamina which become articulated with the midrib or petiole; and (2) Compound form, where portions of the lamina are separated as detached leaflets, which become articulated with the midrib or petiole. - Strawberry beds should be covered (in cold sections) with hay, straw or leaf mulching, to a depth not exceeding 2 in. The fungus, which is chiefly within the leaves and stems, seldom emerges through the firm upper surface of the leaf; it commonly appears as a white bloom or mildew on the circumference of the diseasepatches on the under surface. In the case of the peach this peculiarity is in some way connected with the presence of small glandular outgrowths on the stalk, or at the base of the leaf. Close to the apex of a shoot the vascular bundles of a leaf make their appearance as double strands, and the leaf-traces in the upper part of a shoot have the form of distinct bundles, which in the older part of the shoot form a continuous ring. Soon a bundle goes off to ~ the first leaf. (2007). masuzi February 24, 2020 Uncategorized 0. - Transverse section of a convolute leaf. In that year he purchased a quantity of the rare and much-prized commodity, and offered it to the public, in the leaf, at fixed prices varying from 15sto 50s. 2. If the member is one which shows a difference of structure on two sides, such as a leaf, the two sides frequently show a difference of degree of turgidity, and consequently of rate of growth. The incense sticks and pastils known all over India under the names of ud-buti (" benzoin-light") or aggar-ki-buti (" wood aloes light") are composed of benzoin, wood aloes, sandalwood, rock lichen, patchouli, rose-malloes, talispat (the leaf of Flacourtia Cataphracta of Roxburgh), mastic and sugar-candy or gum. CK 1 1040624 … 32294 I'd like meat loaf. ifA portion of a lactici- stematic cells, the walls separating the lerous coenocyte dissected out s cells breaking down, so that a network ihe leaf of a Euphorbia (Xi20). A large proportion of the water which ascends to the leaf acts merely as a carrier for the other raw food materials and is got rid of from the leaf in the form of water vapour through the stomata - this process is known as transpiration. In sedges the sheath forms a complete investment of the stem, whilst in Leaf grasses it is split on one side. The thick armour of petiole-bases enveloping the stem is a characteristic C y cad c an feature; in Cycas the alternation of scale-leaves and fronds is more clearly shown than in other cycads; in Encephalartos, Dioon, &e., From a photograph of a plant in the Peradeniya the persistent scale - leaf Gardens, Ceylon, by Professor R. In a bundle examined in the basal portion of a leaf the bulk of the xylem is found to be centrifugal in position, but internally to the protoxylem there is a group of centripetal tracheids; higher up in the petiole the xylem is mainly centripetal, the centrifugal wood being represented by a small arc of tracheids external to the protoxylem and separated from it by a few parenchymatous elements. Like a leaf in the autumn breeze. What is not used in the constructive processes is employed in the evaporation of the water, the leaf being thus kept cool. 2. The upper angle formed between the leaf and the stem is called its axil; it is there that leaf-buds are normally developed. The parts of the leaf are frequently transformed into tendrils, with the view of enabling the plants to twine round others for support.
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