Orders of $35.00 or more receive free shipping.***. ALLERGY INFORMATION: Learn how to make oven baked plantain chips from scratch. Chili Garlic is a tasteful blend of coarsely ground chilies and garlic giving a sweet and spicy sense of flavor. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind crunchy treat that tastes like vacation with every bite. Amazing snack and a great healthy alternative to potato chips or other snacks. Each blend is produced on equipment shared with tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, milk, egg, and other potential allergens that may be present. Spicy, salty, crispy, crunchy. Plantains are similar to bananas but have a wonderful unique flavor of their own. In the amäzi Plantain Chip Variety pack, consumers will find Salted Olive Oil, Salted Coconut Oil, Chili Spiced, Cinnamon Spiced and Cocoa chips, all of which are vegan-friendly, Paleo-friendly and naturally gluten-free. GELGOOG offer both semi-automatic plantain chips making machine and automatic plantain chips … It’s all about … The chips are naturally sweet thanks to the natural occurring ripeness of the plantains. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Please shake before using if needed. It gives the plantain flavor a savory kick that satisfies taste buds while still providing nutritious benefits. Slice plantains and place in mixing bowl. Thin, crispy, crunchy plantain chips. Each blend makes a wonderful gift or is available in a larger quantity for bulk request. They are a delicious healthy tropical fruit. 5 Flavors Plantain Chips Plain – You will love the banana chips as they are. Plantain & Coconut Chips. Barnana’s Himalayan Pink sea salt Plantain Chips are a crispy crunchy nutrient dense delight. This snack offers you the perfect guilt free alternative snack! Sankofa Snacks showcase the flavors and textures of both green (unripe) and yellow (ripe) plantain chips. Fresh and neatly packaged plantain chips coming in different brands suitable for each unique test, e.g the pepper speckled honey baked plantain chips comes in beautiful red packs different from the garlic … Please throughly read all listing details. Description: When each plantain is ripened to “the Golden Point” we select it to be made into the sweet and delicious tropical snack. Flavor: Ripe Plantain. This new punch of flavour is guaranteed to have you coming back for more! Plain flavor is what my kids love after the Chilli Lime. Shipping is USPS suggested price. These crispy golden chips are packed with the natural goodness of the rainforest. All Rights Reserved. Inka uses palm oil, which I like because it is heat-stable. Perfect snack size of 2 oz or share if you wish! Settling is natural and chips may also break during shipping due to its fragile nature. Made in small batches for freshness and good quality. We made tasty, versatile plantains into a convenient, crispy and mouth-watering chip. Purchase from this shop confirms your acceptance of these terms. Simple ingredients: green plantains, salt, vegetable oil. A delicious mix of our sweet plantain chips and fresh coconut from the tropical forest of Ecuador. All items will store in their original resealable packaging for up to one year from purchase date unless otherwise specified. Directions Place the plantains in a bowl of cold water to soak for 30 to 40 minutes (this will help make them easier to peel). 1 green plantain; mandolin (or precise knife skills to evenly thinly slice the plantain) For Salt & Pepper Flavour: 3 tbsp coconut oil; 1/2 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp pepper; For Lime & Black Pepper Flavour: 3 tbsp coconut oil; Juice of 1 lime; 1/2 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp pepper; For Maple, Cinnamon & Cayenne Flavour… They are delicious, airy, light and full of goodness all in one serving and made in less than 30 minutes. Use your hands or a spatula to … They are delicately sliced, crispy and a great tasting snack option. These crispy golden chips are packed with the natural goodness of the rainforest. But as Adeji wrote, nobody “owns” plantain chips. Slice the bananas or plantains lengthwise, full length or half length, or slice them as thin rounds or … Amazing snack and a great healthy alternative to potato chips or other snacks. Mix olive oil, black pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper together, pour over raw plantains. GOYA Plantain Chips are crunchy with a nutty flavor, providing a fresh way to mix up your all-too-familiar snacking habits! Sea Salt & Vinegar Plantain Chips are a crispy, crunchy nutrient dense delight. Excite your taste buds with Soldanza Ripe Plantain Chips. EL ISLEÑO ® Original … The simple sea salt ones are my favorite. This killer combo is packed with the punch of white vinegar, the sweetness of apple cider and … Salt and Pepper – You can add a dash of salt and pepper to give the additional flavors. The Lime Natura chip is a zesty delicious favorite. They sell their chips … Plantains are similar to bananas but have a wonderful unique flavor … Made in small batches for freshness and good quality. The Flavorful Gourmet LLC, ©2020 Soldanza banana chips are made from carefully selected bananas grown on family farms. A crispy healthy, vegan, paleo, no gluten alternative snack made from sweet yellow plantains that’s way better then potato chips. The key to the perfect crunch? The plantain. My favorite plantain chips to buy are Inka Crops Plantain chips. The Flavorful Gourmet LLC, takes pride in its blends and hopes you love the creations. They are nothing less than perfectly delicious. ***Please note that I do not profit from shipping and handling charges. This delicious flavor within our plantain chips will have your mouth watering. Best Plantain Chips to Buy. $25.95. I clean and disinfect all surfaces and equipment throughly between blends and packaging to reduce cross contamination risks. The pink Salt, mined from ancient deposits inside the Himalayas, provides a more complex flavor that contains … These chips come in three flavors, Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Coconut. This will not affect the quality or taste of your product. Spread on a baking sheet and … DISCLOSURES: Pack them in your kids’ lunchboxes and watch them … Our newest addition to our natural snack family. Due to the perishable nature of edible products, all sales are final. All of our flavors are natural and add that special twist to get the right tropical flavor … Ingredients: Ripe plantain… ☆☆☆ Chips packing machine is to package the chips into bags. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me before ordering. When each plantain is ripened to “the Golden Point” we select it to be made into the sweet and delicious tropical snack. Plantains are often processed to create food products like chips, fries, and tostones—delicious twice-fried rounds of green plantains—and their sweeter fried cousins, maduros. Of course, two white people are allowed to enjoy the taste of fried plantains, to add different flavors, and even to market them to … Inka Chips Plantain Chips | Gluten Free | 3 Flavor 6 Bag Variety (2) each: Sweet, Chili Picante, Original Sea Salt (3.25-4 Ounces) Plus Recipe Booklet Bundle 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Excite your taste buds with Soldanza Ripe Plantain Chips. With a slightly sweet taste and an irresistible crunch that is simply satisfying, these chips … Plantain is a staple cuisine for many African, Caribbean, and Latin American countries. While highly processed and fried foods are not ideal foods to regularly serve to young children, plantain … Experience the delicious, natural, authentic flavour and texture of Soldanza Plantain Chips. Every blend offered by The Flavorful Gourmet LLC, is made using the highest quality ingredients available. El Isleño Plantain Chips have the perfect balance of sweet and savory on a crispy plantain chip. Please send me a message and I am happy to work with you. Only 15 left in … ☆☆☆ Chips seasoning machine is to add kinds of flavor to the plantain chips. These plantain chips are a modern, delicious twist on a beloved classic chip and traditional African snack. Thin, crispy, crunchy plantain chips. Clumping is a normal occurrence in spice blends. Plantain chips are just what we want in a snack, and this baked version is one we could happily munch on practically every day. Drain plantains on paper towels and serve with Pico de Gallo or guacamole I do not offer refunds, returns, exchanges, or free products or services. Place the sliced plantains in a large bowl and drizzle with oil. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sea Salt & Vinegar - Ahoy! The Colombian plantain is characterized by its exceptional texture and flavor, and is recognized as a tropical ethnic food. Any of my blends would make a great addition to gift baskets for special occasions, party favors, house warming’s, engagements, newly weds, birthday gifts, neighbors, new homeowners, gifts for teachers, parents to be, Mother’s or Fathers Day, and for the chef inside of you!!
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