(WJTV) – The National Weather Service confirmed a brief tornado touched down in … The buildup of the Russian missile arsenal, short, medium and long range, with clear violations of INF limitations are designed less to create a so-called anti-access and area denial capability than an arsenal designed to make the recovery of classic conventional deterrence seem beyond reach in Europe. And historically, Luftwaffe EW operators have trained with the US Navy at NAWDC. Jeez Roger – the shared nuclear risk/ threat from the airborne tactical nukes wasn’t initiated to provide Germany & the other participating NATO countries w/ an independent uncle treat/ deterrent – since TE nukes are supplied by and only authori/ armed with US input/ involvement. The Interdictor-designation refers to strikes deep behind enemy lines, aimed at affecting the battlefield by e.g. Washington has no interest in perceiving Russia as a threat right now, and the Europeans don’t view Iran or North Korea as a threat. Instead, it’s badly *managed*. ( Log Out /  As for the German military itself – it’s actually not underfunded (a statement which I’d consider a harmful myth due to its ability to suggest all what’s needed is a bigger paycheck and everything will be sunshine and butterflies again). But as Rafael Oss noted in an article published by the European Council on Foreign Relations on April 30, 2020: Without dual-capable aircraft in its arsenal Germany could still contribute to the alliance’s SNOWCAT (Support of Nuclear Operations With Conventional Air Tactics) programme by having its non-nuclear Eurofighters escort allied dual-capable aircraft. But I’m still unsure about this whole nuclear thing in NATO. The US didn’t commit to NATO out of altruism but to assure every conventional attack of the Soviet Union against the United States would take place far away from the American heartland. But most importantly, there’s a reason why gravity bombs of all things survived the end of the Cold War – and that reason isn’t the INF treaty banning their deployment. The majority of the Tornado-fleet is made up by the IDS variant (interdictor/strike, designated GR.x in RAF service), with the German Luftwaffe and Marineflieger acquiring a total of over 300 aircraft, of which just under a third are still in service with the Luftwaffe. The #Eurofighter from the Boelcke Geschwader is named "Sword of Boelcke". This is what’s created this giant hole which Russia masterfully exploited in 2008 and (even worse) in 2014. This is the aircraft which the United States and a number of European allies who participate in the nuclear sharing mission will use moving forward in the decade. The othe nuclear-sharing nations have F-16s / F-35s on order so they are still able to undertake the (arguably somewhat pointless) B-61 lofting operation. Until 1990, both sides profited from their NATO memberships in equal measure. Featured Photo: A German air force Tornado from the Tactical Air Force Squadron 51, Schleswig Air Base, Germany, breaks away from a KC-135 Stratotanker from the 100th Air Refueling Wing, RAF Mildenhall, England, after receiving fuel over Germany, April 29, 2020. Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Since 2017, the German government has been actively looking to replace its aging fleet of Panavia Tornado aircraft. Besides the Tornado IDS fleet (more on this later), Germany operate the survivors of 35 Tornado ECR. – Nuclear sharing was initiated to spread NATO’s nuclear deterrent on as many locations as possible since the Warsaw Pact was more or less doing the same, maximising the number of potential angles of attack for each side to think about. This is part of the issue – if Germany is to buy a stop-gap SEAD-jet, there is just a single alternative on the market today, namely the Growler. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. However, this overlooks the simple fact that the majority of Germans aren’t too keen on nuclear weapons to begin with, and while it would solve the potential military need of putting nukes on a target, it does not adress decoupling (as a matter of fact, it can be argued to make the risk of decoupling US from its European NATO-allies higher). Posted: Nov 25, 2020 / 08:41 AM CST / Updated: Nov 25, 2020 / 05:25 PM CST JACKSON, Miss. While some have questioned the ability of the German Air Force to get a meaningful contribution out of 15 EA-18G Growlers, that’s two to three times the number of Growlers serving aboard any US Navy carrier at any given time. ( Log Out /  Germany has agonized over replacing the Tornado for years, and both political and industrial factors have helped sway the government’s stance on its next tranche of fighters. But with the gaping holes in European defense capabilities and the with the United States working to repair the focus on the land wars, there clearly is a major gap in a credible continental conventional deterrent force. Does this presage a closer working relationship between the Luftwaffe and the RAF in shaping the evolving Eurofighter fleet, up to and including participation in Tempest? Buying the Super Hornet now just means that they will have to deal with this problem again in another 20 years or so when they “suddenly” finds out that it’s obsolete All this instead of just getting the F-35 and be done with it for the next 50 years. The Tornado IDS was one of the best dedicated platforms for the role during the later part of the Cold War, being known for the ability to slung a serious combat load at high speed and very low level to avoid enemy air defences. Today’s and tonight’s Freising, Bavaria, Germany weather forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and Weather.com It’s also much more investment-heavy an aircraft than the latter and every buck that doesn’t go to Airbus; every synergetic effect that’s left unused; has the potential of slowing down the FCAS programme. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The general population in most of the host countries are divided at best and directly hostile at worst to the sharing agreement. Extreme up close tornado in Madill Oklahoma on April 22, 2020. But the RAF is buying F-35 and not only that is a major stakeholder in the program, and working F-35s with Eurofighters as an air combat dyad. – A Eurofighter order of 90 Tr. Also involved, is special training for DCA pilots for the nuclear mission as well. UK and Italy can live with it and no one cares what Spain thinks. I don’t think so. Either way, the alliance’s deterrence and defence posture would become even more beholden to Washington. The fact is, the bombs were specifically intended to be used on NATO-territory and not deep behind enemy lines. Presumably, there would be synergy between Growler and Pegasus which could be leveraged. How will its new nuclear capable aircraft dovetail with those other members of the nuclear club in Europe who will be flying F-35s? This is an extremely rare capability for any air force to have, besides Germany only Italy (also with a small Tornado ECR fleet), the US Navy, and Australia sport dedicated tactical SEAD jets, both of the latter doing so in the form of the EA-18G Growler (an Israeli dedicated SEAD-variant of the F-16D is rumoured to exist, but especially after the introduction of the F-16I I am unsure what to make of this claim). A real can of worms is what would happen if Germany would retire from the nuclear sharing altogether, as the former frontline state abandoning the politically tiring duty of hosting nukes would most likely not sit well with the current frontline states, several of whom already have varying degrees of trust issues when it comes to how strong Germany’s commitment to solidarity in case of an attack on Poland or the Baltic countries really is. And if we see Trump reelected this autumn, I don’t hold it completely beyond the realms of possibility that some kind of bilateral US-Polish agreement could be worked out, with or without (likely the later) the approval of the other NATO countries. Even if your own airforce can use the weapon, it’s still down to US agreement. Crucially, the F-15E is already certified for the B61, including the latest B61-12 version, something that none of the other aircraft discussed here (including the F-35) currently is. This why ANY platform decision must be considered from its impact on the evolving capabilities for the future fight; and not just on a stove-piped short-term solution. Another storm is set to hit Germany soon. Home; About Us; Services; Blog; Contact Us Nuclear deterrence is back on the agenda for NATO and the United States. Emerson Nuñez BAE wants that Saudi Tornado replacement contract but Switzerland is a long-shot and I doubt that they will get Finland (Go Gripen!). Ever since the end of the Cold War though, the situation has been highly ambiguous – which I’m mentioning here since it plays directly into questions such as: Which combat aircraft programmes should Germany pursue? What does this mean for HX then? A very strong tornado outbreak that impacted Indiana killing 396 people. But despite it remaining quite capable, the airframes are becoming increasingly costly to sustain and operate. Sgt. The importance of the Eurofighter for German work. Something of a nightmare scenario would be a German withdrawal followed by Poland (another F-35 buyer) requesting nuclear weapons on their soil instead, which would have all kinds of “interesting” political and deterrence effects. Recently, the defense press has asserted that the German government has approved a mixed buy of Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft, and Eurofighter EF-2000 fighters for the Luftwaffe to replace its remaining fleet of 90 Panavia Tornados. The projected dual buy of Super Hornets and Growlers could have impacts on other German procurement decisions, notably, the Pegasus versus Global 6000 options. The Growler buy is interesting on many levels. “With regard to the Growler, it is not about flying with the F-35 as far as the Growler is concerned, for the F-35 clearly does not need it; but the Growler can be and will be used in many other situations. – Since the 1990s, nuclear sharing between the US of A and Germany has been governed by the ‚two keys agreement‘. And that is another piece in the puzzle that doesn’t get the attention it would need – the order isn’t exactly placed yet. The offer to Finland is based on BAE’s development track and includes UK funded or planned improvements such as Radar 2 and JNAAM version of Meteor that supports SEAD/DEAD missions. Germany not getting the F-35 for political reasons is just so retarded than one lacks words for it. Due to this, most countries have opted against upgrading the Tranche 1’s (Spain being the exception). Tornado outbreak over central Germany. In reality, things are usually more complex that they seem, and outrageously stupid decisions are rarer than a quick look in the tabloids would have you believe. These are specialised electronic warfare aircraft, flying the SEAD/DEAD (or more popularly the ‘Wild Weasel’) mission of taking out enemy air defences and radars. The second boiler will be delivered before the end of 2021 and will be fitted to 2007 Prince of Wales. The Project Quadriga jets are roughly corresponding to the standard offered to Finland, which also share the Tranche 4 designation. Cold war arms control was not driven solely by moral concerns, but also by practical considerations centring around particular weapons. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tornadoes were reported in Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama, and five million people were still under tornado watches. The second option would be to develop a DCA Eurofighter. Both the Super Hornet and the Eurofighter are also fully multirole, although their designs are optimised somewhat differently, meaning that with the exception of the nuclear strike and EW-missions, they could stand in for each other if the need arises. – I beg to differ. France would NEVER allow such a thing as a small F-35 buy to risk their position as lead designer for a future European fighter jet, something they have wanted for decades. The logical solution, which has been reported to be in the work for quite some time, is a one-to-one replacement with new-built Eurofighters. Germany faces a twin transition challenge with the coming retirement of its Tornado aircraft. As long as that swamp isn’t drained, not even a budget amounting to 2% of Germany’s GDP would change anything. However, the Eurofighter ECR is still a paper product, at a time when the Growler is already a mature and combat proven design. Eurofighter ECR was a good idea but it should have been anticipated and promoted in other european countries as a way to fill a capability gap in many european air forces as well as building an alternative to the Growler in european industry. The F-35 would be able to fulfil the german mission for the B-61’s into 2070’s and probably even longer. In an effort to be in compliance with GDPR we are providing you with the latest documentation about how we collect, use, share and secure your information, we want to make you aware of our updated privacy policy here. This would probably be the simplest solution when it comes to getting the nuclear strike role sorted, but it is highly doubtful if the Eurofighter ECR would be ready by 2025, even if the German order was placed today. Germany’s Defense Ministry is likely to replace its Tornado jets by 2025 with three different types of jets—two of them built in the United States, … However, while the latest F-15E(X) is a very potent strike aircraft, it does suffer from the lack of a SEAD/DEAD-variant. Project Centurion for the RAF does subsume some of the weapons load outs on the Tornado for the modernized Eurofighter. If they were just American B-61’s happening to rest in a hangar in the German countryside, there’d be little purpose for Berlin to enter them into its own policies and constantly risk alienating its voters. Perhaps Germans won’t mind the Russians sacking Berlin a 2nd time. Obviously, the Luftwaffe preferred a flying aircraft to a briefing chart version of the Eurofighter. 26, 2020, which German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has not yet formally approved. Northrop Grumman is the prime contractor for Pegasus, and also the key provider for the EW systems onboard the Growler. (¹) https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/1982-08-19.pdf. ( Log Out /  The integrated conventional weapons also matches the current German arsenal more closely, including the Taurus KEPD-350 heavy cruise missile that is integrated on the Korean F-15K variant. Still, I’d consider the 30+15 solution the best *possible* outcome for the nearer future. Even though the defense press has announced this, the German government has not. And Germany and project Tempest is interesting to think about, for the project is more about leveraging 4th/5thgeneration aircraft and shaping the way to 6th generation than building a new fighter. A combined 45 aircraft fleet is also the size of a number of smaller air forces, so it is hard to see that as an argument against the split buy. I looked at ways the United States might approach answering this question in an article which I published last year. This brings the key question to the Tornado replacement program of what aircraft to certify for the B61. tornado in germany. In principle, the idea isn’t bad. France is not part of the integrated nuclear club within NATO, but how will the German engagement mesh with any evolving French nuclear policy? The F-35 would also have a real chance of actually being able to deliver the B-61 if the situation would arise, unlike the Super Hornet (or any other non 5th-generation fighter for that matter). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The aircraft is also already based in Europe, as the USAF operate F-15E units from UK bases, and as such German Strike Eagles would slot directly into current NATO tactics. 1 was an F0 that … It could also continue to participate in the high-level Nuclear Planning Group and related forums in which all NATO members apart from France confer on issues associated with nuclear forces. At the International Fighter Conference 2019, a senior Luftwaffe officer made it very clear that the EW mission was a central one for his Air Force. At a minimum, the Germans would expand their options and enhance their position vis a vis the French in shaping a way ahead for 21st century air combat. The issue can obviously be solved in a number of ways. With the USN discontinuing further buys, this is signficiant for Boeing export efforts and especially their Finnish campaign. A tornado carved "a path of destruction" through the German town of Roetgen, sweeping away roofs and breaking windows, firefighters said. For Germany, if they would remain a nuclear player, they would face the challenge of achieving nuclear certification of the Eurofighter in the United States. BERLIN, Germany (AFP) – Germany confirmed Monday it aims to replace its aging fleet of Tornado fighter-bombers with aircraft from both European manufacturer Airbus and U.S.-based Boeing. Airbus made the case that the Eurofighter could be certified by 2025 which would meet the projected deadline for retirement of Tornado. NATO needs a purpose, which would change many a thing especially here in Europe. In my recent interview with CDR Brett Stevenson, the Commander of HAVOC, we discussed the potential German acquisition of the Growler as well. ", Brown provided another interesting aspect. "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking. But it is not just about the United States; but it is also about the European nuclear powers, Britain and France, and we have dealt with those dynamics of change in our forthcoming book, The Return of Direct Defense in Europe. Having said that, even his predecessor hadn’t been enthusiastic in his response, of course owing to domestic obstacles (afterall, one of the many slogans which won Trump the presidency was the allegation that Clinton would start a war with Russia). Even more to the point, Germany will see an election, a new Bundestag, a new Defence Committee within the Bundestag, and the ever-challenging budget process to sort through all of this. The first boiler will be fitted to 60163 Tornado during its next overhaul, believed to be completed towards the end 2021, with the boiler arriving towards the end of 2020. This means that UK and German legacy EW training via Tornado plus the Australians would add up to an EW coalition being trained in the evolving and developing 21st century approach to EW. In turn, other NATO members with more favourable views of nuclear deterrence, like Poland or Romania, might seek bilateral agreements with the US to satisfy their security needs. Main Article: 2020 Indiana Tornado Outbreak. Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Eastern India, but can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions. The National Weather … In the increasingly focused effort on integratability, no platform fights alone. The Eurofighter consortium last year rolled out the Eurofighter ECR concept, which I discussed on the blog earlier. However, what isn’t found in the arsenal of the Eurofighter is the B61 free-fall tactical nuclear weapon. To reiterate: The Eurofighter ECR concept is tailored to meet the German requirements, and include signal-homing missiles in the form of the AGM-88E AARGM, new large podded jammers, two more ‘wet’ stations to allow the drop tanks to move out of the way for said jammers, and a new decoupled rear cockpit for the WSO. And then what are the implications then for FCAS? How will the German government play out its nuclear policy in the years ahead? No such purpose will be found, though. I don’t think it is an optimal solution, espeically given Germany’s miserable record of investment in their fleets, but it is not unworkable from an operational or political perspective. What made the Luftwaffe go down the Growler route? The first and most obvious choice is the F-35. stopping enemy supplies from reaching the front lines. Although I think the F-35 will become redundant much quicker than many expect, it’s obvious it would have a longer service life with the Germans than the F/A-18 platform could ever hope for. There are other multirole aircraft with the capability to carry out the mission to varying degrees, including jets sporting anti-radiation missiles and advanced EW-systems. FCAS is safe, Tempest continues and the overall value of European airpower increases. “The Project Quadriga jets are roughly corresponding to the standard offered to Finland, which also share the Tranche 4 designation.”. Germany is in fact looking at three different replacement projects, which include a number of different roles. Might new partnerships emerge from the Luftwaffe operating the Growler, up to and included working on Australian training ranges? This could e.g. Sure, it’s a political / positioning decision. A German Air Force Tornado takes off for a training mission during Red Flag 20-2 at Nellis AFB. However, the only true SEAD-platform able to do the escort jammer mission which Germany specifically spells out, is the Growler. A large outbreak occurred from the 26-28, where 248 tornadoes touched down, including 29 violent tornadoes. These are to be of the top-notch standard currently offered, with E-Scan AESA radar and other niceties. The purpose was to assuage U.S. concerns that it alone has to bear the nuclear burden. This page documents notable tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in 2020. The sharing agreement is an attempt to ensure that decoupling doesn’t happen (“. Germany has officially confirmed to the United States that it would acquire 45 F / A-18 Super Hornets from Boeing to replace part of the Panavia Tornado fleet. Credit: Luftwaffe pic.twitter.com/NETwYSxFmu, — Eurofighter Typhoon (@eurofighter) May 11, 2020. The Tornado Gr.4 arose from a collaborative project between Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom to produce a multi-role high-performance combat aircraft. The aircraft can sling two heavy cruise missiles (in RAF service the Storm Shadow is used), as well as a sizeable load of precision-guided bombs and smaller missiles such as the Brimstone for precision targets and anti-vehicle use. It was also intended to demonstrate to the Soviets that NATO wasn’t going to arrive at the conclusion that some tiny European country with a few million inhabitants would not be worth fighting World War 3 over. Especially considering the aforementioned synergies and economics of scale with the regular Super Hornets, I don’t see this as an issue. Germany has also announced that it will order more Eurofighters beyond the Quadriga buy as part of a two-type solution to its Tornado replacement requirement. The first is Project Quadriga, which looks at replacing 38 Tranche 1 Eurofighters. Please send a deposit slip to donations@giftofthegivers.org to receive Section 18A, tax-deductible PBO certificate. I don’t know how that changes anything for the so-called Decoupling issue. I would like to say, the CDR reminded me, but if you do not know a fact, you can be reminded of it, that the Germans are long standing partners with the US Navy as well in EW. The Eurofighter modernization is also interesting. ( Log Out /  The current NATO nuclear sharing policy is built around a policy whereby the United State forward deploys a small number of nuclear warheads which could be operated by non-American NATO assets in time of war. A key thing here is that, in the same way as with the current Tornado IDS/ECR-fleet, the EA-18G Growler and the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet share a very high degree of commonality, meaning that the 45 Boeing fighters could all be served by the same ground equipment and maintenance organisation. Germany is planning to purchase 93 Eurofighters as well as 45 US-made F-18s to replace its aging Tornado bomber-fighter jet fleet, Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said. While this is marketed as a stop-gap solution, Germany has had a tendency of keeping their fast jets in service for quite a while, and there is obviously a risk (or opportunity, if you are looking at this from Boeing’s angle) that the Super Hornet-era might stretch on quite a bit longer than currently envisioned (which likely was part of why France saw the F-35 as such a threat to the FCAS). Learn how your comment data is processed. Without forward-deployed US nuclear gravity bombs and European dual-capable aircraft to carry them to their targets, NATO would have much less to offer in exchange for Russia’s estimated 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons. While still a potent airframe, the basic design is rapidly heading towards obsolescence, and the age of the aircraft are starting to show, already causing significant headaches to the maintenance personnel. German strategy makes sense for the most parts. March 31-April 2 . While a new US-built fighter would likely add to the list of in-service weapons, it is hard to argue this would be any kind of a serious issue to an air force the size of Germany’s (especially considering the obsolescence issues currently facing the continued operation of the Tornado with it’s Cold War-era technology). But Germany chose for defense industrial base reasons to not go down this path. The primary requirement, however, was to develop a ‘state of the art’ modern aircraft able to perform low-altitude penetrating strike missions. Crucially, it is also most likely the only option that has any hope of getting through the German parliament. Given that both Triton, and Growler are key stakeholders in the way ahead for fleet ISR and tron warfare, German operators of Pegasus and Growler could almost certainly be part of the US Navy reworking its EW/ISR/CR concepts of operations. It *does* beg the question why even allies should make their ally’s foe their own if the ally had picked that fight *unilaterally*. The altitudes at which Tornados fly a nuclear mission versus the altitude at which Eurofighter would do so are so different the question would not just be one of certification, but of effective combat operations as well. Boeing manufacture both the F-15 Eagle and the F/A-18 family, and the ‘Mudhen’, as the F-15E Strike Eagle is affectionately known, does hold a number of benefits over the ‘Rhino’. With such an approach, how can European states, European NATO and the United States enhanced a credible warfighting approach, which can deter the Russians? This would entail as well significant training for the DCA mission, also to be conducted in the United States. it would take longer) and not receive the priority integration on a new US platform would get (i.e. The ECR as such is not part of the offer to Finland, but “as with any technology developed by the Eurofighter consortium, the option of an ECR will be available to Finland as a future growth option.” The options also include picking just the parts of the concept deemed suitable for Finnish needs. It’s just politics within Germany. If Germany wants a Euro solution then they should coordinate w/ France and buy some nuke capable Rafales and work with the Frogs on accelerating work on the FCAS 6 th gen plane. The only problem with that development was it prompted virtually all NATO members to transform their armies into armies of occupation, geared towards fighting insurgents rather than conventional enemies. This is why Paris urged Berlin to buy Typhoons only. I’d argue the accuracy of that assessment is corraborated by the observation that international terrorism did effectively serve as such a purpose for many years in the wake of 9/11. Re-posting this graphic of #Germany combat aircraft programmes and procurements as I actually got one of the numbers wrong in the first one. Note from Berlin 30 April 2020 Krasimir Grozev CC BY-SA Germany’s struggle to decide on a successor for its aging Tornado fighter aircraft truly is a story that keeps on giving. With the caveat that this is based on actually getting an inked German order before the HX decision is made, it would be a small additional credit for the two aircraft. If Germany were to quit, such allies may eventually follow suit. Tornadoes also develop occasionally in southern Canada during the Northern Hemisphere's summer and somewhat regularly at other times of the year across Europe, Asia, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/1982-08-19.pdf, The Big Dance that wasn’t to be – Corporal Frisk. And with SAAB’s as well as the Italian’s participation in the project, this looks more like a renovated Eurofighter coalition than anything else. An EF2 tornado touched down in Tokyo killing 4 people. Finnish blogger in reserve, defence and national security. Increasingly, the US has been seeing NATO as but a tool to further American interests in places like Iraq, a notion not shared by many European nations. More controversial is the Tornado replacement program, which is actually made up of two different parts. 3s is about as good as local industry could possibly have expected The larger fleet also offers greater depth and utility as a joint ECR / IDS replacement
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